Looking for garage flooring ideas? At Speedway, we have a number of sources of inspiration.

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Speedway Floor Designer

With the Speedway Floor Designer, we put you in control of your design. Simply enter your dimensions, choose a starting pattern and you are ready to mix-and-match colors to create an unlimited number of designs for your space.

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Design Assistance

Get personalized service by speaking with one of our designers. Call us at 1-888-618-1411 or fill out our inquiry form to schedule a consultation.

Contact a Designer

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Pre-Designed Floors

Having outfitted thousands of garages throughout the world, we have created a number of pre-designed floors featuring some of our more popular designs.

Garage Floor Designs

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Customer Designs

Check out some of the innovative designs created by you, our customers. Browse our image gallery or visit our Facebook page for more ideas and designs.

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