Installation Guide

Quick, Snap-Together Installation

While many products claim to be easy to assemble and install, Speedway tile systems live up to the promise.  Follow the simple steps below and most floors can be installed in 2-4 hours.  If you have questions or need assistance during the assembly process, please call us at 888-618-1411.

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Step by Step Instructions

Installing a Speedway tile system is a snap. Once your garage is clean and the surface prepared you can start laying the tile. The tile features a patented 6-point locking mechanism that snaps together easily so the only tools required are for measuring, marking and cutting tile nears walls or stationary objects.

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installation step 1

Subsurface Preparation

Clear the area to be covered of all removable objects and then sweep or vacuum any excess dirt and debris off the subsurface. For optimal performance, Speedway tile should be laid over a flat, even surface.

It should not be laid over structural cracks wider than ½” and small cracks should be facetted or rounded so that the tiles don’t “catch” when the floor expands and contracts.

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Note on Expansion

It is important that the surface of the substructure enables the Speedway to expand and contract. If the tiles expand without being able to slide, it could potentially cause buckling.

Remember to leave an expansion gap of ¼” to ½” along all walls and any other stationary objects.

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Before starting you may want to gather the following tools that may be helpful in installing your new floor:

  • Circular saw, jigsaw or table saw (with fine tooth blade)
  • Utility knife
  • Tape measure
  • Marker
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First Tile

Step 1

Facing your garage door opening, lay the first tile along the garage wall on the left side and attach the first ramp edge to the bottom of the tile facing the door opening. The tile should be positioned with the circular loops facing the back wall of the garage and the right side wall.

The edge of the tile or ramp edge should be safely inside the opening of the garage door allowing the rubber seal on the bottom of the door to contact the garage floor not the tile.

installation step 5
First Row

Step 2 & 3

Continue building the first row of tile and ramp edging along the front garage opening working left to right. (Step 2 of diagram)

Assemble a row of tile along the left wall adding tiles until you reach the rear wall leaving the same space between tiles and wall. (Step 3 of diagram)

installation step 6
Fill In

Step 4

Continue filling in the remaining area to be covered working front to back and left to right. (Step 4 of diagram)

Note: It may be necessary to cut some tiles along walls or stationary objects using a combination of the tools listed above. Before cutting a tile confirm that the alignment is correct allowing the locking mechanism (loops and tabs) to function properly at connection points. See page 3 for instructions on how to trim tile.

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