Speedway Tile vs. Epoxy

Check out why garage floor tiling from Speedway is such an attractive alternative to dealing with the hassles and uncertainty of covering your garage floor with epoxy.


Installation Advantages

With epoxy flooring, the time and complexity involved in preparing the floor surface can be intimidating for even the most experienced DIYer.  You have to grind/sand the floor, fix repairs in the concrete, and still apply multiple coats. Total time before you can use your garage: 80+ hours from start to finish.

In contrast, Speedway tile can be installed by most people in a few hours.  The floor surface just needs to be clean and free of cracks - you don't need to chemically treat it.  Simply unbox the tile and snap them in place.


Stronger Resistances & Quality Material

Speedway is backed by VersaCourt, an international company known for its flooring solutions, meaning you get the best polypropylene copolymer tiling available. They are built to last in hot garage temperatures for upwards of 15 years with little to no maintenance required.

Epoxy flooring is a thermosetting resin applied as a coating on top of your garage. Noxious fumes are released during the process, lasting from 2-3 days. The floorings cost more to be slip resistant and can run into problems of "hot tire pickup" where the heat from your tires warps the epoxy and causes some of the material to stick to your tile while only lasting 2-3 years. It's not a simple DIY project and doesn't have the durability to compete with tiling.


More Customized Designs

While epoxy floors can be decorated with specs or flakes, it's not really possible to create the kind of multi-color designs possible with Speedway tile.  With Speedway, you can mix-and-match colors to create all types of designs and even decorate it with words, logos or other graphics.


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