Speedway Tiles vs. Paint

Check out why garage floor tiling from Speedway not only eliminates the hassle that comes with painting your garage floor, but is superior in almost every way.


Installation Time

When the people hawking garage floor paint claim that you can transform garage in a weekend, we wonder how long their weekends are.  By the time you clean out your garage, power wash the floor, let the floor dry, etch the floor with chemicals, let the floor dry again, paint the floor, let the floor dry again, top coat the floor and let the floor dry again, you are looking at one heck of a long weekend!

And, many recommend that the paints be allowed to dry for more than a day before walking on them.  So, what do you do with all your stuff while the paint is drying.

Speedway tiles snap together with ease, can be installed in a manner of hours and are ready to use instantly.


Installation Complexity

First of all, for the paint (often called epoxy) to stick to your garage floor, it needs to be incredibly clean.  Forget about just sweeping it off or even power washing it unless it is a newly poured floor. You'll have to...

  • Remove oil and grease spots
  • Remove rust stains
  • Perform a moisture test
  • Test for existing sealant
  • Etch the floor with a commercial concrete etcher
  • Seal the floor

A popular DIY site actually publishes 19 steps in the process and states that painting must be done when temperatures are over 60° F.


Quality & Durability

All you have to do is read the reviews about garage floor paint to get nervous about using it.  While it is often promoted as an inexpensive way to give your garage that showroom finish, even extremely competent DIYers struggle to get it to work.

There is little debate that commercial epoxy systems installed by skilled and experienced professionals often yield very high-quality, durable floors.  However, the garage paint epoxy systems sold through the big box stores rarely pass the muster.

These paints tend to be highly susceptible to chipping, peeling and "hot tire pickup."  Even when applied properly, the floors need to be touched up every year or two to keep them looking good.  

Speedway tiles are designed to look good for many years and if one get's damaged, you can simply pop it out and replace it.


More Customized Designs

While garage floor paint comes in various colors and can be decorated with specs or flakes, it's not really possible to create the kind of multi-color designs possible with Speedway tile.  With Speedway, you can mix-and-match colors to create all types of designs and even decorate it with words, logos or other graphics.

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