Speedway Tile vs. Other Tile

Speedway tile is superior in durability and longevity compared to other tiling products on the market. Check out why garage floor tiling from Speedway simplifies garage floor tiling, making it the clear-cut solution for your flooring needs.


Installation Advantages

Other competitors can't compete with Speedway's patented interlocking system that consists of 6 precision locking mechanisms to ensure your tile doesn't slide, eliminates gaps and provides structural support to ensure the durability of your product. 



Quality & Durability

Speedway is backed by VersaCourt, an international company known for its flooring solutions, meaning you get the best polypropylene copolymer tiling available. They are built to last in hot garage temperature upwards of 15 years with little to no maintenance.


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While the old adage "You get what you pay for!" typically holds pretty true, it does not apply to Speedway tile systems.  Our tile are some of the most durable, long-lasting and feature-laden products on the market.  However, rather than investing in expensive sponsorships and advertising, we focus on making the best product at the best price.



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